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Unsacrifice is a classic survival horror game compile in a solo campaign. You will play as a priest apprentice, lost in a world full of mysteries, hidden dangers and deformed creatures that the player has to escape from. We wanted this game to be something truly memorable for the player and push him to the limits.

The game is set in an undefined era, in a dark and hostile world mixing different ancient cultures aesthetics. The world is full of mysteries, hidden dangers and deformed creatures the player has to escape from. The unique artstyle is something we put a lot of effort on. We wanted to create beautiful environments that, at the same time, terrifies the player with gore elements placed all over them.

It is this kind of duality we wanted to showcase in our game. There’s always two sides in everything, and the player is in the middle, being forced to decide to be able to go forward.

Concede your humanity, or sacrifice it to survive.

Created by:

Francisco Jiménez Reche , Daniel Muñoz Michán, Carlos Barriga Aguilera, Jorge Casin Urbano, Pablo Redondo Rodríguez, Carlos Guerra Gómez, Paloma Díaz Sánchez, Sergio Cuesta Moltó, Virginia Cabeza Rodríguez, Andres Sánchez Gómez.

Thanks to E.O.I. , Seville

Install instructions

Click "Unsacrifice.exe"


UnsacrificeDemo1.3_Low.zip 904 MB


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Sorry to announce that our KS campaing has not been founded. We love Unsacrifice game but it is not possible to continue with the project right now...

But we already decided to begin new adventures! 

Thanks to all the supporters!


Very promising the mechanics worked well the graphics were really nice the area and style was cool using the ancient Egypt culture with mummy and pharaohs and priests in what seemed like a tomb was excellent something you don't see done well in the horror genre so I hope your Kickstarter does well good luck cool game


Unsacrifice shows potential but In my opinion doesn't go far enough to show what we're getting ourselves in for. 

A lot of time has obviously been spent building the world with it's healthy selection of breakable objects, but other areas feel neglected such as sound effect and music. This is a big deal as sound design is a major factor of a good Horror game / film. 

I wish the dev team luck with the kickstarter and look forward to future updates. 


very cool little demo look for would to the full game. It grate that is randomly genarated  so we get a bit of a different play. Best of luck with the Kickstarter 


Great Demo, This Game Has A Huge Chance To Succeed,  And I Cant Wait For The Full Release. I supported your game Through Kickstarter. Great Game And I Wish You The Best

This was an absolutely wonderfully terrifying experience. Although this demo was limited to one or two rooms, I can tell how much time and commitment went into developing this game. The Priest fading out of reality, the jumpscares, and overall atmosphere speaks volumes as to what the team is capable of developing. I believe when your Kickstarter successfully reaches the end of its campaign, the indie community will have a horrifically unique experience. There wasn't a terrible amount of time I could be involved in the game, but every moment was a scary atmospheric moment.  I will be following your progress to see the narrative which follows!


So I spent my whole time with the game feeling like I didn't understand what I was supposed to be working towards. I'm unsure if it's in any way related to the fact that the game is designed more for VR, but I left just kinda confused. Detailed feedback is at the end of the video.


Is the demo playable without a headset and motion controllers?


Yes it is! This version of the demo is the non-VR one. 😊

You can find the VR version in the  Oculus Store if you want to try it though.

Sweet! Glad to hear that.